Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Used and Abused=Friendship?

I suppose I will get over the feelings of being used eventually. The same friend who I have been helping in the hospital is causing these feelings of being used by him. We have been so-called friends for over a year now and there has always been more give on my part. I have a car, he doesn't. I seem to pay all my bills....even though I struggle, he is always behind and eats out a lot. He always seems to get financial assistance and I won't apply because I am proud. He works 3 nights/week, I work 5 days and nights. I am usually giving him a ride somewhere, doing an errand for him....oh and I forgot, I am also his counselor because he calls me everyday(at least 4 times) to help decide his life. Did that sound a little bitter? I think it's time for a new friend; for him.

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john said...

Friends like YOU are few and far between. i certainly can undersand your disappointment, but that does not negate one bit of the help and kindness you have shown to this person. i have every faith that you will know what to do when the time is right. Thanks for being YOU!