Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Witches of Eastwick?

The reason for writing today's blog is because I was informed by my friend Raistlin (upon hearing that he actually reads my blog...color me surprised!!) that I have never mentioned my friends here at home.  I must admit he is right.  So here is my first post about the circle I run around with on a regular basis.
  When I decided on the title of this blog I was thinking of the actual movie but only because that is what Raistlin Newton, Michael Leonard, and I call ourselves........The Witches of Eastwick.  Raistlin is the character of Jane who is soft and a pushover in the beginning of the movie but turns into a pushy broad with an ever increasing "I don't care what people think" attitude although sometimes I feel he should be Darryl VanHorn aka the Devil :).  Michael Leonard is the tell it like it is Alexandra and I of course am the questioning, thoughtful, somewhat naive Sukie. 

For the most part we hang out together quite frequently but our normal rendezvous is Sunday Brunch and that normally takes place at Union which is the popular "go to be seen" restaurant.  We have been known to stay out WAY past the allotted brunch time or eat our brunch, have a bloody mary or two or maybe a cosmo and then retreat on our Mary way.  I can easily see us still meeting for brunch 30 years from now :) but of course it is not guaranteed because life throws so many curves.  

We each have our faults but they are minor compared to our friendship and we let each other know when one of us is out of line...I believe that is a good know, the good with the bad.  I am going to be introducing a new member to the fold and hope he will be received with open arms.  We shall see....says the kitty.....fffft...ffffft!  It may be somewhat dangerous but I am toying with the idea of singling out each friend in the near future and writing a separate post about them.  Dare I? 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 More Tips!!

My dear friend Wilmaryad Ben O'scallas writes a blog, I like to read as my morning newspaper. He is quintessentially the gifted author of many, many well though-out posts and prose. His latest entry concerns the global recession. It was such a good piece I had to give readers 10 more tips on how to survive this recession.

Like Wilmaryad pointed out, it is not like we haven't experienced many recessions and hard times before this. Although this is felt around the world, I believe that many of the problems are created by the grossly demanding, whining Americans. I could NEVER have enough time in my life to write about the entitlement attitude in this country. Anyway....I digress.

Here are the tips I promised:

1. Cook at home. Not only does it save you some major cash but also gets you out of the "I need to eat first" rat race. For those of you who are single: cook like you would for a family of four and freeze the rest. One other benefit of you cooking is that you control what you eat. It's better than trying to add/delete things on the menu to fit your diet at an expensive restaurant.

2. Simplicity! I can not stress this enough. Simplicity in your thinking and way of living is the key you need to unlock the success in your life. If you have an overabundance of "things", that is just more to worry about. Which in turn gives you a higher stress level. Always strive to simplify, simplify, simplify.

3. Learn a new language. This will not only prepare you for a trip abroad but will keep you occupied; avoiding the urge to go shopping, going out to eat, or going to the bar for a drink. These things all cost money.

4. Surround yourself with people who think they need to do their share. I realize this can be a little selective. Do you really want to be friends with someone who might think only of himself?

5. Walk less.....carpool. Not only does this benefit the enviroment and your wallet, it will give you the daily exercise your body needs to keep fit. It's a win, win!

6. Think to yourself, is this a need or a want? You will be surprised to realize how much actually falls into the "want" category.

7. Instead of buying everything new, try purchasing items from a different venue, such as estate sales, auctions for furniture and thrift stores for clothing and household items. It takes patience, time and creativity for these forms of shopping but it pays off in the long run and it is recycling materials instead of relying on manufacturers to make more products. If more people shopped this way there would be quite an impact on those HUGE box stores.

8. Instead of renting a movie, check one out from your local library. You would be surprised at the selection. The point's free. Those movie rental fees add up.

9. While at the library check out some books and enjoy the pastime of reading. Fewer people actually read a good book these days. Before you know it books will become extinct because everyone is too busy using energy for the computer......isn't that what I am doing now?

10. Get back to nature. If possible turn part of your yard into a vegetable garden. Not only will you get a sense of satisfaction but you will eat better and save a lot of money. Trust me!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Per Noi by Andrea Bocelli

Romantic Song anyone? I have fallen "in love" with this song 'Per Noi' by the gifted singer Andrea Bocelli.

Here is the translation:
For Us

For us
I thought of so many things you don't know about
A different love like that
So I never want to lose you

Hot pearls on your face
Tears that I will gather
You will smile amidst my fresh promises
You will hear these words of mine
Already honest

The two of us, like this,turning our backs on the world
Here facing a sunset
You will listen to the sound of life stretching away peacefully
And you will understand

Dark summer storms remain a nonexistent memory
And I will hear sounds in the sunset now
It's time to stay with you
Here and now, holding each other tight, not to part again
If that is what you want

For us you know,
from afar I caressed a different love like that, still thinking of you
Softly you opened your coral lips on me with your kisses
Back turned on the world, like that
As it goes slowly by I know I'll hear
Sounds in the sunset, now
It's time to stay beside you
And you'll understand
holding each other tight
not to part again
If that is what you want

For us
I would grow
A different love like that,
inside me-here
I take everything that you are

The Lake House

A small piece of information for those of you who don't know me, I am so far behind in the viewing of movies that you will find I am blogging about the ones that have already gone passe; but alas are new to me.

'The Lake House' is one such movie. I came across the title while searching for a different movie. I decided to rent it and to my delight I was not disappointed. As anyone can tell, by reading my posts, I am a hopeless romantic. I honestly believe it is the thing that keeps me going through life and staves off the bitterness so many individuals acquire with age.

This movie, starring Sandra Bullock(one of my favorite actresses) and Keanu Reeves, is another idea about love transcending time and space. You have to possess an open mind and heart to believe it is happening. The romance revolves around a beautiful glass house on the lake, a dog named Jack, a mailbox, a chance meeting at a birthday party and a book written by Jane Austen, Persuasion.....which is about a couple that meet and fall in love but it is not the right time so they part and ....wait. The reason I liked this all movies I enjoy is because it gives the viewer a different perspective.....HOPE. Hope being one of the main building blocks of our lives. ALL things are attainable if one just opens their heart and mind to the endless possiblities. Hope gives you a will to challenge average beliefs. Are you up for a challenge? ANGELO