Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Elena Cernei-THE Mezzo-Soprano Of The Century

Listen readers, REALLY listen, with your heart as well as your ears.  I wrote about this mezzo-soprano two years ago and since have discovered the many facets of her well-trained and natural voice.  I have grown to love the richness and depth of her singing which brings out so much passion inside of me.

When I accidentally found her I was curious. So I found more of her videos on YouTube, thanks to her husband Dr. Stephan Poen.  What beautiful tributes he has posted!

While finding out about her and enjoying her gorgeous, sumptuous performances, I thought, I can't just listen to her on YouTube anymore.  I need to have her music for my very own.  Well, little did I know it would be an arduous journey to find it.  I tried many different sources....ITunes...Amazon.....Craigslist...Ebay, and even tried using the web to find a place to buy her music.  To no avail, but I kept trying.  Finally, 2 months ago I saw a listing for her music on Ebay.  It was a vinyl album of her repertoire which had all the arias I had been listening to on YouTube.  The seller was in Israel and I have to admit, it was a little more expensive than I would normally have paid but of course I HAD to have it.  It seemed like an eternity (two weeks) waiting for this treasure to arrive!  It came and I opened the package and pulled out a beautifully preserved vinyl disc that I immediately put on my 1969 Delmonico Nivico Hi-Fi and instantly my mind traveled to my romantic place and I was swept away.  I cried.

This record album has not left my stereo since I put it on the turntable and I listen to her almost every day.  Again, many thanks to you, Dr. Stephan Poen for introducing me to such an emotionally enriching 'prima voce'!  May Elena always be remembered in our hearts and our ears!

La Vita Bella!
Angelo di Gioa