Monday, February 2, 2009

The Lake House

A small piece of information for those of you who don't know me, I am so far behind in the viewing of movies that you will find I am blogging about the ones that have already gone passe; but alas are new to me.

'The Lake House' is one such movie. I came across the title while searching for a different movie. I decided to rent it and to my delight I was not disappointed. As anyone can tell, by reading my posts, I am a hopeless romantic. I honestly believe it is the thing that keeps me going through life and staves off the bitterness so many individuals acquire with age.

This movie, starring Sandra Bullock(one of my favorite actresses) and Keanu Reeves, is another idea about love transcending time and space. You have to possess an open mind and heart to believe it is happening. The romance revolves around a beautiful glass house on the lake, a dog named Jack, a mailbox, a chance meeting at a birthday party and a book written by Jane Austen, Persuasion.....which is about a couple that meet and fall in love but it is not the right time so they part and ....wait. The reason I liked this all movies I enjoy is because it gives the viewer a different perspective.....HOPE. Hope being one of the main building blocks of our lives. ALL things are attainable if one just opens their heart and mind to the endless possiblities. Hope gives you a will to challenge average beliefs. Are you up for a challenge? ANGELO


Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

I remember renting that movie, last year. I liked the enigma and the masterful way of not divulging the time periods right from the start.

A naive movie-goer would think the action is happening simultaneously. One who doesn't stuff their face with pop corn while watching may, indeed, notice the subtleties.

I didn't know Sandra Bullock was one of your favorite actresses; I liked 3 movies of hers so far. She was so funny in Miss Congeniality. :p

Oh, and THAT house on the lake! Breath-taking!

Angelo de Gioia said...

Ah...oh wise one, yes, if one is gorging their face with popcorn and candy(average joe movie goer) like you say they will miss the fact that the time periods signify real-time for each person.

Sandra is one of my favorites because she is not only funny as you point out but a very honest actress. I think she actually gets the emotions across to the viewer extremely well. There are a few movies she has made that I have yet to see.

I TOTALLY agree about the house itself!!! :)

Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

Stuffing one's face with cheery donuts rolled in sugar is OK, though LOL (ouch, i can't laugh out loud - my sinuses are killing me!!!)

Sandra is cool, indeed. She just shouldn't pair up with Nicole Kidman; the Bullock/Kidman combo doesn't translate well in movies. :)

Well, time for you to build a house like the one on the lake, Mr. Handy Man. :)