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Today I am putting my broken Italian to the test. It is Andrea's birthday on Friday and I am calling a local florist(fiorista) in Udine, Italy to order a delivery of flowers to his residence. I am quite nervous but have prepared a sheet of scenarios and translations in case no one speaks Inglese. I know I will feel better once it is over and I hear from Andrea that everything turned out the way I wanted.

You see, instead of going through an international floral company that had nothing I liked but also charged an arm and a leg, I wanted to ask for certain flowers to make my own arrangement. Andrea's favorite flower is the sunflower(girasole) and I wanted to add some deep blue delphinium(fiori azzuro) with some native greens all tied into a bouquet(mazzolino). I figured if I did it locally it won't cost as much and I get what I REALLY want him to have. What I didn't realize was all the different scenarios that could take place...I laugh to myself.

Hopefully I will get someone who can match their broken Inglese with my broken Italiano :) Wish me luck(fortuna). ANGELO


Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

I'm sure you'll do just fine ordering those flowers in Italian :) Plus, it'll be a good test for your Italian!

Andrea will appreciate it so much!

Angelo de Gioia said...

:) always the voice of encouragement...thank you my briend. I didn't do too bad but no one had what I wanted so I ended up using interfloral after all...oh least the note says what I want......HUGE :)

Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

Not finding what you wanted does not matter; what matters is that your could convey your message - something crucial in communication, especially when using a foreign language!

So, to me, you have succeeded in having a phone conversation in Italian - something utterly complex for learners. Bravo! :)

Andrea will appreciate the card's content more since it comes from you - be assured of that! ;-)

Angelo de Gioia said...

He did appreciate "un messagio" :) Parla con mi su telefono. He loved the fiore e un messagio :)

Mille grazie Wilmaryad!!


bravo angelo!!
your idea of a bouquet was bellissima, but as long as he didn't receive a cacte instead of flowers, you're fine.
ciao bello!!

Angelo de Gioia said...

Grazie Ticklebear! I appreciate your applause. Andrea called me to let me know he received his mazzolino bellissima :) I can't wait to see him March 3rd.

Take care amico mio!


Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

So, how was NY? I hope you two did make it!