Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Always Italy

Buon Giorno Amici Mio!!
I wanted to update you on my dream of living in Italy.
It is a slower process than I originally imagined but a very natural one.
By saying "natural", I include not only researching the country but slowly melding into it.
I have always been one to hate being rushed and when I am rushed, I make mistakes.
Therefore, I feel better that I am taking things slower and learning what comes to me naturally.
Not only does this include history, geography, language, social concepts and lifestyles but alas the elusive topic of AMORE :)
I am going with my gut instincts and letting what I feel to be the BIGGEST change of my life take place, again, naturally.
You see, I believe I fell head-over-heels in love when I visited my friend Andrea this past September.
It is a good thing we have so many miles separating us because I tend to fall hard and fast. The distance between us has allowed me to think clearer and learn more about this man. Only this week did I discover a major plus in his character. Humbleness! A wonderful quality in my book. You see, I knew he was a curator for a small modern art museum...which is a fabulous thing in itself but he never elaborated any further. This week after looking for his museum's mailing address online I thought I would Google his name for fun......WOW!!!...I was amazed. This man is a stunningly accomplished individual in his field. He not only is the director of his museum but curates other museum's exhibitions, he is an author, AND is a recognized art critic in Europe. He has won awards for his work and yet is so unassuming about it.
To me, this is just the frosting on the delectable cake!
We are going to meet this March in New York City for 5 days. I can't wait to share all I have learned with him :)


Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

WOW! Who knew?

Who knew it would take such a long time before the idea of Googling somebody you're interested in would dawn on you? LOL

Joking aside, I'm very glad you're meeting Andrea in March. I feel there's something extra this man could add to your life, my friend.

Cling to him with both your teeth and claws! ;-)

Angelo de Gioia said...

I thought you knew how slow I was??..LOL

Grazie, grazie Wilmy (do you mind the nick? :) ) I am hoping to not use such forces but can be quite persuasive. The gut also tells me things are mutual :) New York will be the "tell all"

Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...


I don't mind the nickname at all; God knows how many of those I have given you ;-)

The gut is, usually, never wrong - except if it had chili for dinner. ;-)

I, certainly, hope that New York will seal the deal! I wanna eat me some home-made cheesecake ;-)

What's the link between New York being decisive and my cheesecake cravings? I'll let you figure that out ;-)