Monday, January 12, 2009

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I have been M.I.A for quite some time now. I must apologize but life seemed to happen and there was no room for blogging. My briend Wilmaryad commented in a note to me that he wished to see more postings from me. I made a promise to do so. I view my blog as a personal life journal and it is time I kept track of events, friends, loves, ideas, and family. I have missed doing so because I do LOVE to write. I hope everyone out there who passes thru and even is interested enough to stay a while can benefit in some way from reading my posts. Happy day everyone! A special congratulations to Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas for being an uncle once again and being honored by his cousin in remembering him affectionately. It's the little things folks....always remember that...the smallest thing can change so many lives!! Angelo


Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

Thank you, Angelo! It was time you wrote something on here :-)

I like the pic! Who was it taken by? Some Vogue photographer? ;-)

Angelo de Gioia said...

My pleasure Wilmy :) It actually made me feel good to write again......and, uh, no, it was not a Vogue was my friend John who was over for my Thanksgiving Day open

Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

See? When people dear to my heart resume writing, I feel inspired to do so as well! :-)

That photo does look like it has been taken by some L'Uomo Vogue photographer ;-) I like it!

It's either a good camera John has, or he should apply at vogue :p

Good to have you back! :-)

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

Just writing to bring your attention to one thing. Did you know that, statistically, this post of yours is the most popular on your blog?

Just saying ... ;)