Monday, February 2, 2009

Per Noi by Andrea Bocelli

Romantic Song anyone? I have fallen "in love" with this song 'Per Noi' by the gifted singer Andrea Bocelli.

Here is the translation:
For Us

For us
I thought of so many things you don't know about
A different love like that
So I never want to lose you

Hot pearls on your face
Tears that I will gather
You will smile amidst my fresh promises
You will hear these words of mine
Already honest

The two of us, like this,turning our backs on the world
Here facing a sunset
You will listen to the sound of life stretching away peacefully
And you will understand

Dark summer storms remain a nonexistent memory
And I will hear sounds in the sunset now
It's time to stay with you
Here and now, holding each other tight, not to part again
If that is what you want

For us you know,
from afar I caressed a different love like that, still thinking of you
Softly you opened your coral lips on me with your kisses
Back turned on the world, like that
As it goes slowly by I know I'll hear
Sounds in the sunset, now
It's time to stay beside you
And you'll understand
holding each other tight
not to part again
If that is what you want

For us
I would grow
A different love like that,
inside me-here
I take everything that you are

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