Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think things have changed in the dating world since I last tried. I won't say how long it's been since the last time I was in the dating game but it has been long enough to recognize some obvious differences.

The HUGE difference is the use of the computer incorporated into everyday living to help you find someone who is desirable to date. I still prefer the old fashioned way of meeting a live person and sending a few flirty looks their way and then meeting each other to talk and possibly go out on a dinner date. Now, you hop on the computer, look at profiles, get a little insight and then decide to meet. I don't think that works as well. My experience with it has not been too good. Guys lie about who they are and what they like and some guys even go so far as to post an older picture that is hot but then they turn out to be NOT. Why can't everyone just be honest with themselves and have a little courage to accept themselves because the more you accept yourself, the more likely you will attract someone who will like you despite the flaws you THINK you have.

I have not had a run of good luck with dating this time around. Sometimes I wonder if it is me. Are my expectations too high? Dammit!! I want the best match for me if I am going to find Mr. Right. I think the standards of the general population has been decreased to a fault. No one seems to care about REAL living anymore. It's all about material things, television, celebrities lives, status. I don't care about those things, they bore me. I want someone who cares about good food for a healthy body, true friendship, passion, living their life to the fullest possible. I'm talking about JOI DE VIVRE!!! LA DOLCE VITA!!! Think about it.


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