Monday, September 1, 2008

Gay = Gossip?

My quandry today is....Why do gay men gossip so viciously? Since I work in a gay bar(unfortunately) I am actually speaking of a certain percentage of the gay men that make the bar scene part of their existence. I believe that these men love to listen to and perpetuate gossip. Not only do they perpetuate it but blow it up into such a proportion that the person it is aimed at has no chance of surviving with any shred of dignity in the so called "gay community". These guys, in my opinion, gossip because their lives are so empty. It makes them feel like they belong and have something to talk about. I ask you, if this is the quality of discussion, does one really want to live inside the circle we call the gay community? Not me!!! When this type of animosity exists? I grant you, some guys deserve to pay for the things they have done but let the old adage "what goes around comes around" take care of them. There are times that I am quite disgusted to be a part of the gay culture. This is one of those times.......SAD! Angelo

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that's why i don't hang in bars. i didn't & still heard various stuff about me, mostly false...but i don't care. i do my thing & go on with my life. funny though, to think some people would waste their time talking about me...