Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Revelation

Today I had an unequivocal, heart melting breakthrough. I have truly forgiven my grandmother for extremely hurtful things she had said to me. These are things that caused me to move out of her house 1 year and 7 months ago and not speaking to her since. It has taken me that long to come to an epiphany that my grandmother was only acting out her beliefs and that I shouldn't take it personally anymore. I was lying in the tub thinking about her the other day and realized that I see life the way I do mostly because she shared her 'La Dolce Vita' with me. She is the one responsible for bringing passion, beauty and vitality to my life. The whole reason why I see things the way I do. She is the reason I have my goal and dream of living in Italy. Without her I would just be another empty soul going through the motions of life. Thank you Nana......I love you Nonna....Angelo


Wilmaryad B. O'Scallas said...

Forgiveness is a virtue.

I applaud you for having it, admire you for giving it, and salute you for making it mend the hurt caused by the empty words that, very often, involuntarily erupt out of our mouths.

Angelo de Gioia said...

Grazie briend mio! Humbly, grazie! I had forgotten how powerful it is.