Monday, June 30, 2008

Fulfilling A Dream Is Not Easy

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend about moving to a foreign country. We were talking about a place to live and in which city, a job to support myself, average wage, visas, a passport, dual citizenship and selling ALL my belongings. ALL MY BELONGINGS! When making the decision to start life in another country, I seemed to either forget or not realize that I would have to travel VERY light to save money.

Most things are easy to part with for me. It's just stuff!.....but the very personal items are a whole other matter. My music, certain pieces of art(definitely not expensive),certain papers, memories, pictures, and some small objects. These "things" are mostly sentimental so it will take A LOT OF THOUGHT for me to decide what I must leave behind. It makes me sad to think of this but I know I must do it in order to fulfill my dream of living abroad. The dream eases the pain. The adventure and the thought of "going home" to a world I know I belong to brings me joy and therefore overshadows the pain of choosing what to take with me on my glorious journey.

Angelo de Gioia

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