Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Il Sole = Healthy?

I have just come in from laying out in the sun. Is this a healthy practice?

I have always been told that the sun is the best source for vitamin D. Just how much is a good thing? I love to go out for about an hour or two a day. I just lay there, relax, and think about good things, projects I want to achieve and people I know. It's such a good feeling to soak up the rays and feel all that warmth plus the "glow" of healthiness that comes with it.

Medical personnel will tell you the sun causes skin cancer if over-exposed. Maybe so, but it seems to me I have read that skin cancer is on the rise only because one puts the poison known as sun block on their skin; which is a whole other issue I don't want to address right at the moment.

I have always said "moderation is the KEY" and I believe it for anything we do in life!

I hope it's sunny tomorrow!!!!!


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