Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh L'Amour!

I have been thinking constantly about love, relationships, heartache, and everything that ties into these subjects for two reasons: my two friends who have had recent bouts with anxiety brought on by the subject matter, and my resistance to even think of beginning another possible relationship; even after three years of single living.

Each friend has an opposing view to each other on how to go about committing themselves to a romantic encounter, let alone how they view the physical side of a relationship.

The first friend is very passionate about his feelings, he gets excited about the physical appearance.... i.e. yumminess.....BUT gets even more excited about the mental and romantic capabilities said heartthrob may possess. I can say by pure observation that you would not find a more loyal companion! He needs someone who will occupy his mind, body, and soul because he will most definitely give you these things in return as your reward. I pray for the day love produces a bullseye in the middle of both his heart and his head. He deserves to feel such uncompromising and true love.....and then some!

My second friend is equally passionate about his relationships (there are many).....until he either gets bored or something about the guy angers him that he cuts him off before he realizes what has happened. He is definitely into the physical side of the relationship...he needs the stimulation like the rest of us need air to breathe and believes he is "in love" with evry plausible possibility he meets. He is a nice enough person but also not my idea of a companion. You will never be sure of loyalty or promises with this guy. Unfortunate!

Now for me, I fall in the middle of the two friends. I am the oldest, and have had more experience than the first friend but not nearly the quantity of my second friend. I look for both mental and physical stimulation. I prefer someone who is knowledgeable of the arts, good food, and who is in tune with nature and himself. Loyalty, honesty, and respect are the big three values I hope to find in the guy I fall for.

Thinking of all these things and not settling for less, it would appear I am chasing an elusive dream, maybe, but it is one dream I will follow to find out the long anticipated ending. I hope to one day discover the joy of sharing my life with a "true companion"; feeling the utter completeness and beautiful serenity of it all! WE ALL DESERVE A BIT OF THAT!!!!!


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