Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A life of SIMPLICITY, I feel, is a very unattainable goal for most Americans to achieve and I fear it has stretched out it's cancerous idea of "the american dream" to other civilizations. The very high-energy, stressful, competitive nature of the "american way" , which we defend as democracy and our God given right, is seeping like a tumor into other cultures and destroying the good that has existed for thousands of years. There is something to be said for technology, yes, but when it takes over the senses and sensibilities of a nation, it is a slow death to the naturalness of humankind.

Living SIMPLY is totally the choice of the individual; but it requires an understanding of the rewards and benefits to truly appreciate the beauty of the concept.

There are a multitude of reasons that this evolution of sorts has taken place. To name just a few....laziness, greed, opportunity, pride, and the attitude I will always shoot down in my blogs;"the pied piper syndrome", following the leader. Living a life of simplicity signifies and requires your individuality! The "american ideal" is actually not ideal at all! To live up to that level you must undergo tremendous stress and pressure in your daily existence, so much so that you run the risk of bringing on illness long before you might have ever experienced it in later life. Does that qualify as a reward? Does constantly being on edge bring about a reward? Always worrying about how much money you earn or things you acquire compared to the "national average"?...ie.....do I have the "right" car, the "right" home, the "right" clothes, and above all, wondering if you made the "right" choices that will "set you up" for your retirement? Is that a reward? All of these riches are bestowed upon you for achieving the "american dream"!
If all this is what it takes to reach that goal, definitely COUNT ME OUT!!!!

A life of SIMPLICITY reaps rewards beyond your imagination!! You will usually outlive your stressed counterparts, and if not, will die a happy, at peace individual. Let me give you just the tiniest glimpse into the world of SIMPLICITY.........

I woke up today(without an alarm clock) and my first thought was, what a beautiful day this will be! The reason I am able to think and feel this way is because I am debt-free, I have beautiful, sumptuous food to eat, I love my work(definitely NOT a 10 hr day), I have valuable friends and loved ones around me, and most of all, very few worries because I am myself and freed from the chains of the so-called "rat race". Bucolic isn't it? You could also relish this existence!

Would you like the education and knowledge to achieve this NOT so lofty goal? It's already in your head. You actually think of it everyday without realizing it's true meaning. It's just waiting for you to release it. You just have to re-train your thinking. As they say, "knowledge is power!" The power to control your destiny. I did not however say it would be an easy task but the rewards are on a much more grand scale than the so-called rewards you reap from the "american dream"!!!!! Think about it!!


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