Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Heirloom Tomatoes

Here, you are looking at a bowl of generations worth of seed collecting of the same roma tomato.  This particular roma type tomato is named Sonoma.  This name ( I am told) was researched by a friend of a distant cousin by examining the DNA of the seed itself.  Quite fascinating I must say but I don't seem to find any information on the internet about this particular roma tomato.

All I truly know is what my Nana has told me over the years.  This tomato (it's seed) was brought over from Italy by our family in the 1920's  and the biggest, nicest looking one saved every year to continue the raising of this delectable edible.

The responsibility to carry on the seed saving has been handed down to me and I look forward to every year when I plant the seed and dream of that wonderful tomato aroma and taste.  I love the smell of the tomato leaves because it transports me back to my grandparents farm.  I am at the pink two-story farmhouse with a white wrought iron double front porch, in the tomato section of the garden with my grandfather who is teaching me how to care for these gifts of nature.  As far as the taste, for me, no other tomato can compare.  When I taste these tomatoes that my mouth has been watering for all season, I again, am transported to Nana's kitchen to relish the fresh mozzarella,tomato and basil,drizzled with EVOO on fresh baked bread or the tomato and onion salad and especially the fresh pasta sauce...I am in heaven just thinking about it.  I get CRAZY!  Memory is a powerful thing folks.

The seedlings have their first set of true leaves and my mouth is watering once again!


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