Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GMO Foods.....Wake Up America!!

Let me start with the definition of a GMO food.  The acronym found here translates to Genetically Modified Organisms.  Think about that. To me, it reads, Man Screwing With Nature For Financial Gain.  This brings up several other issues which involve health, ethics, and safety......but to me the drive behind it is greed, WHICH translates to Monsanto.  You can't ever convince me that this conglomerate is just thinking of the people and trying to end world hunger.  There are so MANY varying topics to discuss with this subject but I am going to concentrate on one.  Seeds for the home garden.

I feel the only true way to reduce your chances of being subjected to GMO foods is to grow the food know, self reliance, accountability.  Yes, there is a little work involved but the effort is worth it because you will have peace of mind, a healthier body and let's not forget the fact of taste.  How many of you have bought fresh produce and find that it tastes like cardboard?  What about potatoes, have you peeled them lately to find that they have a green tint just below the brown peel?  I can't quite pinpoint the exact thing that is happening but in my heart I believe it all boils down to G.R.E.E.D.  Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals to control insects.  A lot of them are harvested too early and then treated to appear ripe because we all know...time is money.  I am frightened by the attitude of many people in that their attitude to what is happening is "I want what I want and I want it now and I don't care how I get it."  This type of person is unfortunately the majority in our country today.

I digress....see what I mean?  It is way too easy to get of on another tangent to this subject :)  Back to my particular take on this subject.  If you would like to take matters into your own hands and grow NON GMO foods, take a trip to your local garden center and look for organic, non gmo seeds.  You will need to experiment to see which varieties awaken your taste buds.  Now, there are two things I am quite certain of and that I can pass along to you in good faith.  DO NOT buy seeds from BURPEE as it is associated with Monsanto.  The only true non-gmo seed company I know of is Botanical Interests Seeds located at and they are also organic.

Trust me, you will have an "aha" moment from the very first harvest of your crops not to mention the pure satisfaction of knowing you grew your food with your own two hands.  The work it takes to provide yourself with great food also gives you the exercise you need...the sun you work out in provides the vitamin D your body needs...and the food you eat provides the healthy diet you need to survive...think about it.

                                                         WAKE UP AMERICA!!!