Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Golden Chain Tree

Here folks, we have a golden chain tree...not rain tree, like many people mistake it for being.  The latin name for all you gardening aficionados is Laburnum.  In my gardening world, the most popular variety is "Vosii" which is a vigorous grower, especially if given a protected situation from gale force westerly winds.  We want this to be a pretty tree, not looking like Tina Turner's hairstyle :)

The Laburnum is a deciduous tree that is loaded with cascading clear yellow flowers in late spring.  They resemble a wisteria, only in yellow.  Now, I am not a big yellow fan in the garden BUT this tree I have grown and it is unusual enough that it attracts a lot of attention and I feel it also provides elegance to the garden.  It is a relatively small tree growing 15-20 ft. tall and wide.  It is a perfect tree to plant in a flower garden as a focal point.  It is hardy from zone 5a to 7b and requires full sun to partial shade.  It prefers a rich soil and average watering......do not over-water.  All parts of this tree are poisonous if ingested and may cause irritation if handled.   One of the nicer things about this tree is that the branches are pliable so you can train them over a structure or even create an espaliered look on a building or fence.

I hope you give this lovely little tree a go in your garden....you will NOT be disappointed.


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sciencegravy said...

I did not know that about the training flexibility. Good to know. And maybe a little dangerous. Makes me "want".