Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tribute To A Beautiful Voice

Anita Cerquetti: a most beautiful voice I had never heard until 2 nights ago.

I have a friend online with whom I have the love of opera in common.  We were comparing our favorite soprano divas and he of course said his was Maria Callas.  I must admit, I was disappointed because although Callas was one of the best in her genre both technically and dramatically, her voice has never moved me inside my heart, which is the reason I listen to opera.  :)

So, getting to the reason for this post.  I thought maybe I could give Callas another listen to maybe prove myself wrong.  I went to YouTube and looked for her singing Casta Diva, which is the measure I use to size up mezzo-sopranos, which are my favorite type of soprano.  I gave Callas another chance, and, stood firm to my opinion.  Afterwards, I started listening to many great mezzos and then saw THIS particular video.  I had never heard of Anita Cerquetti so I decided to give her a try.  This recording is actually a LIVE performance from 1958 when she stood in for Maria Callas because of illness.  How ironic for  I started to listen to the most beautiful and full voice I had ever heard.  There is a richness and deep timbre in her voice that sends me into orbit....and YES, moves my heart enough to bring tears to my eyes!  Give her a listen and try to tell me this is not a PRIMA VOCE!


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