Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY 2012!

Here we are, at the start of another new tell me, why do we use this as the time to turn a new leaf in our lives or start a renewal of practices we let fall to the wayside?  Is the new year our signal that it is time for us to do these things?  I also notice this with the Christmas season as well....everyone goes out of their way to be kind and thoughtful and forgiving.  Hmmm....why do these events trigger such thinking?  Is man conditioned to do so?

I am making a proposal to all of you this year.  MAKE EACH DAY a Christmas or New Year ;)  Strive to understand the truth about yourself inside first; this is the MOST important step, and then have the courage to be truthful, not only to yourself but with everyone you know and love.

Some examples to think about:
-help out a fellow human being with a random act of kindness
-volunteer at a local shelter, food pantry, hospital or pick someone to help out on your own
-stop being afraid to do what you need to do before it is too late for your own happiness
-make NO excuses for your actions or words
-don't worry about what other's think but never do things to hurt someone intentionally
-always be truthful in your communication....don't say the words you think other people want to hear

These are just a few examples of what can be done to reach your goals.  Granted, a lot of things will be painful for you to say or do but it is out of necessity that you do it in order to be free in your mind and body.  I did not promise it would be easy or that you will always follow this path but it is something worth striving for and in the long run you will thank yourself for doing things that set you free :)
The time to start is now!



Spiky said...

happy new year.

visiting from philippines. :)

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