Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is Happiness a Relative Term?

Do you wonder if you are happy in your life? To what level do you go to achieve bliss? How do you know when you have reached the peak of peacefulness? I am going to give you two different scenarios; two totally opposite lives with just a few similarities and you must decide which person you think is happiest. I would love to know which individual you choose.

The first individual is about middle-aged, relatively good looks, and a better than average personality. He is an honest and good man, sometimes to the detriment of himself. He can be a day-dreamer and quite philosophical. He tries to treat other individuals the way he would want to be treated and sometimes goes out of his way to do so.

He has had many ups and downs in his life and has met them all with the optimism he tries to keep in his heart. He has worked as a dishwasher for Ponderosa Steakhouse to owning his own businesses. He has been to catered social events for the elite and also partied with country folk in a run-down, well-worn local bar. He enjoys socializing with all walks of life; as long as a spark of intelligence is evident. He takes pride in his home surroundings, which are kept simple, which is the way he tries to live his life; SIMPLY.

There is just one problem with his life, he has a weakened state of health, actually a chronic disease that prevents him from doing a lot of things in his life.

Comparatively we have a woman who is also middle-aged, so pretty she has never needed make-up, and a very bubbly, overflowing personality. Definitely the life of the party. She is a good person and honest. She would do anything for you(within reason) if you ask her. She had never given much thought to life as a young women. It never occurred to her, things were just the way they were. She had her own life to live. She ended up with a good husband who provided very well for her and her beautiful little girl. They lived a very close lifestyle to the "suburban dream". The little girl never wanted for anything. They never had money worries and perfect health.

Two years ago, the day before Thanksgiving this women suffered a brain aneurism. It has taken her a long time to get where she is physically today. Mentally she is quite the same women in her values and judgments.

Which individual would you say has come the closest to achieving true happiness.....and why?


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