Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sta Passando Novembre~Eros Ramazzotti

I happened to hear this beautiful song when I was watching some Eros Ramazzotti videos and fell in love with it. It is a sad song because he is singing about losing a loved one and trying to reconnect and deal with their least that is my interpretation. I have now become a HUGE Ramazzotti fan because his music is easy to listen to and beautiful. I have also discovered another old song by him that I am currently using as a song dedicated to a special person :) I will post it later and give you some time to think about the song...if you know me, you might even guess it AND guess why I have posted it :) I dedicate this song to Ed Whitt and Donald Morgan Jr. whom I remember with much love and who's endings came MUCH too soon. Mi amici bellisimi!!




the return of the prodigal son. you had been silent for quite some time... eros!! eros!! i've loved eros for years. i don't speak italian but i do understand bits & pieces here & there, having been surrounded all my life by italians... kinda rub in, i guess!!
lovely song.
good to have you back!!

Angelo di Gioia said...

LOL...Yes I have been silent Ticklebear :) I have not felt inspired until now unfortunately. I have to admit that I am not as devoted to projects as I know you and Wilmy tend to be. Show me something shiny and I get distracted..LOL. Hopefully this is the beginning of a round of posts that are near and dear to my heart.

I also want to thank you for checking in on me in hopes I have written something more :) It feels good to be back!

P.S. I had realized how much I was missing when I discovered Eros Ramazzotti's music :)

Hugz back to you Ticklebear :)


well, eros is a nice change from the usual music we hear here in north america. each country has something to offer, even if they are sometimes hard to find in your local shop, or even itunes, as they are sometimes limited to certain markets. i've had that problem in the past, as i couldn't get something because my country wasn't allowed...
the web is not so global as you might think. something i guess about different copyright laws, or something...
looking forward to hearing more from you!! don't be shy!!