Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reality TV?....Really?

   An intelligent aquaintance of mine, Stan, typed this in his update on Facebook.  "Stanton is wondering why the crap that is reality tv is still on the air."

  It certainly made me wonder why most everyone I talk to is caught up in these shows.  Sure, I have watched a couple of them when I am relaxing for a few minutes, but most people I seem to come in contact with in my daily life have at least one reality show they follow religiously.  My thought is...WHY?  Why would you devote yourself to some of the stupidity that is on these types of show?  Is it because we are natural born voyeurs?  Do our lives pale in comparison to this type of programming?  Do we enjoy watching other people's struggles, disappointments, heartaches and overblown opinions?

  Frankly, I don't believe any of them ARE true reality.  Everyday life is the true reality.  Showing someone you care is true reality.  Patience for your fellow human is true reality.  Helping someone in need is a true reality.  Having the courage to change the things you can....having the strength to accept the things you can't change...and having the wisdom to know the difference IS true reality amico mio!!

What's your opinion?


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Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

Besides Kathy Griffin's My Life On the D-List, I watch no other reality TV show. Maybe America's Next Top Model every now and then, but it's become solely for the creative part of the show.

However, herd and herds of TV viewers around the world live on "Reality" TV shows. Good for them! They DO need a distraction while their money is robbed in the form of taxes, their health care insurance is being reduced to zero and their future being decided upon by the "invisible man".

Keep posting! :)